I am a painter living in Italy.
I studied painting in Warsaw and in London but mostly in the galleries of Europe and on the side of the road. 
 Many of my pictures start with careful looking and sheer rapture but in the process, I negotiate with reality trying to find the underlying structure and understand the makings of it.

Just as in the conversation there is
 sometimes a secondary silent dialogue in which the real exchange of feelings takes place, so in painting, there is a rich background of unstated knowledge, a tapestry that is never unrolled.

 My roots are in Central Europe between the spiritual East and the material West, with the tension and anxiety associated with the art there.
 Different kind of expression came with discovering the English painters like Spencer and Ravillous. The light and temperament of Italy topped my development as a painter.

Recently I am having many painterly crushes on Instagram colleagues... i discovered - oh-so-late Bob Thompson, Robert Colescott - love at first sight! I fall in love with paintersa lot and passionately.




You can write me on social media facebook messenger instagram. I am usually friendly.

The Moon and the Sixpence by Somerset Maugham:

...why should you think that beauty, which is the most precious thing in the world, lies like a stone on the beach for the careless passer-by to pick up idly?
Beauty is something wonderful and strange that the artist fashions out of the chaos of the world in the torment of her soul. And when she has made it, it is not given to all to know it.
To recognise it you must repeat the adventure of the artist. it is a melody that she sings to you, and to hear it again in your own heart you want knowledge, sensitiveness and imagination.