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fine art print Hospital linocut by contemporary Polish painter printmaker Margo Levittoux

I spent two weeks in a hospital in Terni, sometimes semi-conscious but when perkier I was making notes:

"During the day, there are visits and pleasant chatter of gossip affectionate utterances just rolling on and on, seemingly through the night, sometimes a bit loud but an overall reassuring continuous murmur of voices, like the background of a Fellini movie.

The nighttime snoring sounds are a different, more serious matter.

the Diabetic Lady in the bed next to mine snores in a spectacular, dramatic way, there is the whole spectacle: screams for help, resigned whimpers, desperate gasps, snarling...choked, strangled sounds, pleading then triumphant, sudden exclamations after a long silence, full of unutterable pain or surprise, a gurgling narrative of some unknown story, stopping and starting, soft whistles and sudden roars.

She sleeps unperturbed on one side all night long through this abstract, heart-wrenching grotesque pantomime of Kantor-like horror and suffering with no words, just sounds."

fine art print a handcoloured linocut of a hospital room with patients and few untidy beds by contemporary british painterprintmaker Margo Levittoux
detail of a larger linocut showing a hand writing notes with a biro on a hospital bed, handcoloured print by contemporary british painter-printmaker Margo Levittoux
fine art print of hospital black and white impression of linocut by contemporary Polish printmaker Margo Levittoux
Hospital linocut 2017
The Unbearable Lightness of Dying linocut
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
fine art print of a Boat linocut on tissue paper, hand coloured and mounted on heavy fabriano paper by contemporary British printmaker Margo Levittoux80x100cm
fine art print of a refugee boat arriving in Europe black and white linocut on Japanese paper by contemporary Polish painter-printmaker Margo Levittoux
boat with colour1.jpg
2.Underbelly of Grotte-80x100cm.jpg
4.The Underbelly of Grotte.jpg
morning glory print2.jpg
morning gloryprint.jpg
P1170974 - Copy.jpg
3 coloured poppies.jpg
11 Poppies linocut 60x70cm.jpg
marigolds blue and yellow.jpg
landscape iris reverie monotype.jpg
iris lighter.jpg
iris (2b).jpg
new floral5.jpg
1 big poppies.jpg
5 Weeds-linocut-60x70cm-2014.jpg
4 Poppies linocut 60x70cm.jpg
1a half of big poppies.jpg
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