Prints will be shipped in a cardboard tube, paintings packed flat, bigger paintings in the crate, by courier, we may have to talk about the mailing costs. 

I have a Paypal account and you can contact me either through the contact box here or e-mail

Please do not hesitate to ask about colour variations, sizes, kinds of paper, framing suggestions, shipping and other available work


Stockwell Festival card, 23x15cm printed on tissue 40 Euros

 For more small prints cards and posters on special offer go to the bottom of the page​

Underbelly on Okawara paper 100x80cm, 800 Euros

The Underbelly of Grotte linocut printed on Okawara paper 100x80cm 39x31 inches 800 Euros

Approx 50x65cm 19"x25" the detail of a bigger linocut plate The Underbelly of Grotte

that can be printed independently  - 150 Euros


The Refugee Boat - linocut 80x100 cm 31x39 inches printed on Okawara Japanese paper  800 Euros


The Raft -part of a bigger image  on Japanese paper  -  100 Euros

10a poppies.jpg

Large Poppies, linocut on Japanese paper 80x100cm 550 Euros


Poppies woodcut rubbing 80x100cm 31x39inch 400Euros

12 Poppies linocut 60x70cm.jpg

Poppies, linocut 60x70cm,  420 Euros

Mezzano Rd - oil on canvas sketch 90x90cm 1500 Euros

Little landscape sketch - oil on canvas, 65x65cm 600 Euros

Field of dried grass - oil on canvas 65x65cm 2000 Euros

Levittoux_M_5 - Copy.JPG

Summer Garden Zinnias - oil on canvas 132x147cm 52"x58" The painting is a garden scene at the end of summer, one of my strongest work to date, lively and colourful, has many melodious rhythms and descriptive passages 7000 Euros

Two ways of living your life - large and densely drawn oil painting of a garden life in summer - oil on canvas, 115x150 cm 45"x59" 5000 Euros

Weeds - linocut on Japanese paper 60x70cm 23"x27" 360 Euros

Farewell my Lovely - a fancy title for a garden sketch - oil on canvas 54x40cm 21"x15"  1600 Euros

Lady of the lake watercolour and other on paper 56x76cm 22"x29"

400 Euros


The Fiddler -linocut on Japanese paper 300 Euros

Lee-Antonia Standing - oil on canvas, 54x40cm 21x15inches 1600 Euros

Landscape with Bushes, watercolour 56x76cm 22"x29" 400 Euros


Cards and small prints printed on thin tissue, at 25 Euros it is a special offer! for a limited amount of time