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My Grand-grandmother Wanda's diary in English

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

  1. When in 1905 a fresher breeze touched minds and hearts, national associations, institutions and social organizations began to form openly in the whole country with the force of the long-suppressed need.

  2. In Kresy, where the tradition of '63 and the harm suffered after it was very vivid and painful, this breeze also aroused a keen interest. There was always work on the sides and we always worked, young people studying, both at the university and at school, almost without exception belonged to secret Polish organizations from class V-VI, every house kept tradition, books circulated densely, primers were distributed wherever possible, in manor houses, the saff service was taught, and above all, national principles were instilled in children with all reverence: every opportunity was seized to obtain and distribute books, songs, and "banned" prayers, which had a special charm for us and had an exciting effect on young souls.


Ruthenians began to be hostile towards Poles in general, there was no communication, each county was in the hands of a different fighting band, typhus, hunger; we learned that Polish troops would not come, we were almost without books, without money, contact with the troops was only accidental. Headquarters vegetated. in addition, I had news about my husband that he managed to get to the estate in Kowelskie, but his health condition after being in cerezwyczajka ( soviet prison) requires my care.

The Macierz was not over, the running of it had to be passed on to the right hands.

In September 1919, the remnants of Poles in Winnica gathered and a new, temporary Board was elected, the chairman was Mr. Warzański, the secretary responsible was Fr. Jarosiewicz; the real job of working in Macierz was to be taken by Mrs. Zofja Jankowska née Bielawska, the owner of Rosołowice.

Mrs. Trzcińska left for the country, and I stayed behind to introduce Mrs. Jankowska into the affairs of the Macierz, because in spite of everything, the schools went on and as the bands moved, this and another county sent us reports, clients and demands that had to be satisfied as far as possible .

P. Jankowska, a very educated person, an ardent patriot, eagerly took up the job, but she was not satisfied with this only, she took also an active part in the Polish Military Organization, which continued existing in Winnica and needed lots of sacrifice.

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